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The Energy BPT Group network is always growing. As the energy field itself, we are multi-disciplinary and multi-national. We believe there is an intrinsic value in getting mixed and including as many different visions and opinions as posible. We are glad to find you in here. These are the three ways you can get involved:

Join the Energy BPT Group network. We will keep you updated with our latest news and events through our weekly digest. You will also be able to join members-only events (i.e. meetings with industry, workshops) and enjoy a direct channel of communication with us. You just have to sign up in the top bar (click “Get an Account or Login”) and choose the Energy BPT Group network.
Join one of our teams and take part in the show. We have several teams working on the ground in the programs and activities coordinated by our Leadership team. Once registered as a follower, send us an email to ebpt@epfl.ch and our team will enter in contact with you to find the best way to start growing together. You will get all the perks a follower enjoys, and you will become part of an ever increasing network of proactive people passionate about energy.
This option is limited to the available places at the Leadership Team, and usually reserved to people previously involved in the Energy BPT Group. However, exceptional profiles can make it through if they are motivated to take on a journey that will demand a strong and firm commitment, but also deliver the invaluable experience of entering the reduced family of action catalyzers driving the Energy BPT Group project. If you want to take that step forward, be sure to sign up as a follower and write to our email: ebpt@epfl.chincluding a CV, a motivation letter (max 1 page), and your EPFL mail address. The co-directors will consider the proposal and return to you to discuss it in detail. Please, find below the current open positions:

  • Communication Team Leader
  • Energy Entreneurship Program Leader
  • Expert Interviews Program Leader

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