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The Energy BPT Group is a student led platform for energy students and young professionals aimed at promoting a comprehensive approach to World energy challenges. The Energy Business, Policy, and Technology Group is an initiative emerged from within the framework of the Management of Energy and Sustainability Students and Alumni Association (MESSAA) at the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL). The Energy BPT Group is formally a committee within the MESSAA, though it operates independently.

Our Vision & Mission


Our Vision

Develop world energy leaders with a critical mind that face world energy challenges with a holistic approach


Our Mission

To provide a unique space of reflection and debate about the world energy challenges by promoting public discussions and gathering the opinion of experts in the energy business, policy and technology


Our Existance

EPFL is a world-class university that hosts state-of-the-art laboratories in many science and engineering areas, with a deep focus on aspects of energy engineering. Notwithstanding this, the promoters of the Energy BPT Group perceive a risky scarcity of programs, courses or laboratories that inherently develop and promote a holistic understanding on energy (with the honorable exceptions of the Energy Management and Sustainability M.Sc. program and the Centre de l’Énergie, CEN).

This regrettable scarcity is risky because it is widely accepted that the complex World energy challenges faced by governments, citizens and companies everywhere will not be solved by applying solely technical knowledge. Despite the relevance of technical progresses, economic and political criteria need to be fulfilled in order to achieve satisfactory and sustainable solutions.

Economic viability is usually indispensable and, commonly, commercial viability as well. Besides, if the solution induces an irreparable damage to the environment, poses a high risk for nearby populations or reduces the energy supply security beyond what is desirable; the solution will not be deployed since it is not politically acceptable. Hence, a holistic approach to these challenges is a must for anyone trying to solve them.

The Energy BPT Group is established to compensate this weakness. The students working in the association are strongly committed to the formulation of better solutions for today’s and tomorrow’s energy problems, willing to promote a holistic approach by conforming an independent platform for debate, reflection and networking. The final goal is to raise awareness among the students of the complexity of the World energy challenges in order to develop a critical mind, while creating bonds among energy students and professionals.

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